New alpha v1.30 with a lot of new features! (November 17th, 2006)

The only reason this version is not beta is that WikiMapia and FON services are not yet supported — other than that, all the v1.2x features are in. New since the previous alpha:

  • GPS over Serial Port — The GPS can now be accessed over the serial port, this may eliminate the need of Navizon for GPS support on Windows-Mobile smartphones or PocketPCs. This feature was not tested much and depends on the JVM installed - if you have a Windows-Mobile or maybe a Palm PDA with the IBM JVM installed, try it and post your feedback in the forum.
  • Send MGMaps to another phone over bluetooth from within the application. To do this, choose Send in the menu, select Bluetooth(JAD) or Bluetooth(JAR) and then Bluetooth device to choose the phone to send it to. If you choose JAD, the recipient will start the download of mgmaps from this website upon opening the file. If you choose JAR, your phone will (re-)download the jar file from the server (~120kB), then send it over bluetooth. This feature is experimental, any feedback or forum comments are appreciated.
  • Zooming was improved — there's a delay between a zoom-keypress and the actual zooming, and you can quickly zoom in or out several levels by pressing * or # several times. In addition, during the zooming the new zoom level is shown in a slider in the right part of the screen. Post your opinions about this new feature in the forum.
  • GPS/Move Map no longer "locks" the zoom level — you can zoom in or out while Move Map is active, the zoom level will be set correctly.
  • The KML and Subway Maps services were ported from the previous version and are completely functional and improved: KML Info now displays a menu similar to the new menu in Search, and Subway Maps adds support for Philadelphia and Chicago subway lines (imagery from MetroMapr).
  • Help/Check for Update was improved, it will now automatically activate the changes if a map coverage update occurs (like the one last week when Google added coverage for Africa)
  • Many bug fixes or minor improvements.

You can get the new alpha here.

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