MGMaps v1.30 Alpha (November 10th, 2006)

You may have noticed that the latest MGMaps v1.28 was released a couple of days ago, it only brings minor bug fixes as I've been busy with the development of the next release.

Mobile GMaps v1.30 is still under heavy development, but here is an alpha version showing the current stage. What's new in this alpha?

  • Map Caching — that's right, it was finally fixed! You can now specify the size of the memory cache in kilobytes (Settings/Browsing), as a number between 128 and 4096 (4MB). Please note that the application code and data may use up to ~800-1000kB of memory in addition to the value specified there.
  • Map scrolling is faster, "enhanced" scrolling is enabled by default (you can disable it in Settings/Browsing).
  • Bookmarks were renamed to Favorites. I think it sounds better and I'll leave it this way for the future versions.
  • Markers options were removed, they are now named places and can be of two types: either user-set places (they are actually favorites), or server-set places (search results, KML data, WikiMapia places, ...). Pressing the center key will still bring up the list of places currently visible on the screen.
  • Search History was added, as its name says it allows you to review your latest 20 searches and run again any of them.
  • The Go To option opens a simple form that allows you to quickly move the map to any coordinates. Tip: you can also do that with the Search feature, just search for the desired coordinates in the format: 45.67N 8.9E, or maybe +45°40'12", +8°54'.
  • The auto-start option was removed and the application displays the welcome screen only the first time it is run.
  • The low memory option was removed, because of the different caching code, but it may get re-added if requested or needed.

This is an alpha version, it does not include all the functionality present in v1.2x, some options in the menu don't work, services are not present or not tested, etc. The features that were tested and should be functional are: map browsing and caching, search, favorites, settings (which should be preserved if you upgrade from the latest v1.2x, but could still have bugs). I'll add more features in the following days, any major improvements will be announced on this page. Meanwhile you are welcome to test this alpha version. Get it here!

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