v1.26 - One Year of MGMaps (June 30th, 2006)

Mobile GMaps is one! MGMaps v1.0 was announced on June 30th 2005. A year later, version 1.26 brings the following news:

  • The map scale is finally displayed on the screen. Currently only metric units are supported, support for U.S. units (miles/feets) will be added soon. The scale can be enabled or disabled in the Settings/Overlays screen.
  • The GPS Sync option now allows you to display a marker at the current position reported by the GPS device, instead of moving the map as your position changes. This is configured in the Settings/GPS screen that can also be displayed by pressing the extended key sequence 9 - 2. When GPS Sync is set to Marker, you can still move the map to your current position by selecting GPS - Where Am I in the services menu.
  • You can now check for MGMaps updates by selecting this option in the Help menu. If an updated version is found, exit MGMaps and visit the WAP site to download a newer version. You also have the option to open the WAP site directly from MGMaps, but the update will not work if the phone leaves MGMaps running in the background when it opens the WAP browser.
  • The search features are now based on Google's KML output format, this reduces the bandwidth used by the searches and makes them about 10 times faster than before.
  • Some bugs with the GPS selection window were fixed, but it's still recommended that you select the GPS device while viewing the maps, not in the welcome screen.

Together with v1.26, a new v1.1x version is out for those of you that do not use MGMaps v1.2x for various reasons. Version 1.19.15 includes the scale and the search speed improvements from v1.26.

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