Announcing NAC support and new bug-fix version 1.38.02 (October 25th, 2007)

I'm happy to announce that beginning with v1.38, Mobile GMaps supports NAC Universal Addresses. NAC (Natural Area Code) is an efficient and unified representation for both an area and a location anywhere in the world. MGMaps allows you to search for a location or an area by entering its code and displays 10-letter NAC codes for all places. Here is the full announcement.

I have also released today v1.38.02 of MGMaps to fix several bugs in v1.38.01. You can download it at the usual location. I recommend all users to upgrade to this version, as it fixes some older problems too.

And finally, here are a few new pages on this website that were only announced on the forum:

  • /cache/ — tools for downloading map tiles and caching them in MGMaps for use with the stored maps feature.
  • /create/ — Shustrik's .map file creation tool for MGMaps. Allows you to select an area and generate a file that you can use with the caching tools (gMapMaker or MapTileFE).
  • /winset/ — instructions to install Mobile GMaps on a Windows-Mobile smartphone or PDA / PocketPC.
  • /weme/ — mirror of the IBM Websphere Micro JVM for Windows-Mobile devices and for Windows XP — the latter allows you to run MGMaps on your PC.

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