Google requests removal of Google Maps support from MGMaps (July 31st, 2007)

I have recently received a letter from Google asking me to remove support for Google maps from MGMaps (copy of the letter below).

I deeply regret this decision by Google and I believe that it is only going to result in making people use Google's competitors, but... that's their decision. So what other options are available to you? Well, plenty of them: MGMaps includes support for maps from Microsoft, Yahoo, and (who all offer great maps by the way). I am also adding a configurable URL to MGMaps v1.36 where you can enter any map server of your choice.

I am still hoping that Google will change their minds and return to the innovative spirit that brought us great products like the Google Maps API. But apparently this spirit is slowly going away.

In the mean time, I am truly sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. I will disable support for Google Maps and will update all current versions of MGMaps later this week.

Post your comments on the forum.

From: Google Enforcement Team <tmdisputes at google dot com>
To: me
Subject: Unauthorized use of content - Mobile Gmaps

Dear Mr. Streng,

We understand that you have developed an application, Mobile Gmaps,
that displays maps tiles from our Google Maps for mobile application.
You probably did this to show support for Google, but this use of our
map tiles violates our rights and the rights of the entities that
license those map tiles to us.  As indicated in the Terms of Service
accompanying Google Maps for mobile
(, you should not create
derivative works, such as your application, without contacting us and
obtaining our permission first.

Because your use of our content is not authorized, we must ask that
you stop displaying maps tiles from Google Maps for mobile in your own
application.  Please confirm immediately that you will do so.


Google Enforcement Team

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