Into Whale Valley with Mobile GMaps (May 15th, 2007)

I stumbled upon this post on Ogle Earth while googling for "Mobile GMaps". Stefan Geens in Egypt took a trip into Sahara to visit the Whale Valley and tested Mobile GMaps on his Nokia N95 along the way, including the GPS tracking features on He was pretty happy with the results (and the sight), see the final "report" here. Quote: "Mobile GMaps: I think I'm in love with this application. [...] A palm tree grove on the left? There it was on the image, right down to the individual trees. It's the stuff of Sci-Fi or James Bond, except now it's on my phone."

This brings me to the list of the upcoming features on GMap-Track:

  • Support for friends (almost ready) will allow you to view where some other GMap-Track users are, not just on a public map full of markers.
  • The public page has become quite slow to load as more and more users signed up. The possible fixes involve clustering and/or dynamic loading of markers as the user moves the map.
  • Smart Tracking — Mobile GMaps currently sends your position every few seconds, regardless of whether you're moving or not. If the interval is too large it may miss some points along your way, and if the interval is too small you would end up with too much web traffic. Smart tracking will fix all these problems.
  • Save GPS tracks and view them on the website. You'll be able to start and stop "recording" your route on the phone and then upload it to the server to view it later or share it with your friends.
  • History, see where you or your friends were at a given time in the past, also view the route travelled in a given interval.
  • GMap-Track API — if you're into tech stuff, you may have noticed the requests made by mobile gmaps and gmap-track to /api. Documentation and more functionality will be added soon as I complete the first version of the API.

Do you have any more suggestions? Discuss them on the forum or send me a message...

Cristian Streng

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